Zombie Homes


See it.
Send it.
Spend it.

Earn real rewards while improving your
neighborhood with the Zombie Homes app!

The Zombie Homes Process

Earn points redeemable for gift cards while cleaning your neighborhood.
Download Zombie Homes

Head over to either the Apple App Store
or the Google Play Store and download
the FREE Zombie Homes app.

Find run-down home

Notice a run-down, abandoned looking
home, commercial property, or land?
Open up the app!

Snap photos

Simply snap a few photos of the home
and submit them in the app along with
a few basic details.

Get rewarded

Once approved, watch your points
stack up and exchange them for real
world cash equivalent prizes.

Become an expert zombie home hunter.

Hear from the hunters.

Read a few real life experiences from
those who've used the Zombie Homes app.

Cash in your points for gift cards from these retailers plus many more